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What is the margin scheme? GST can be a hidden trap for property developers. This is because (unsurprising) the rules around GST on a property can be very confusing! In very general terms if you are selling a property that is considered "new" by the ATO,...

NEW COMPANY TAX RATE What does it mean for your current or future structures? In the 2016 tax year the company tax rate of 30% dropped down to 28.5% if the turnover of the company was under $2m. On the 31/3/17 the government announced that the tax rate...

If the legislation gets passed, overseas businesses will have to register for GST in Australia if they have a turnover in excess of $75,000. Despite the difficulty of policing this law, it is actually a good thing. The consequence of this will be that most of...

While trips between home and work are generally considered private travel, you can claim deductions in some circumstances, as well as for some travel between two workplaces. Here is an actual case study provided by the ATO showing the approach they will take if your...

Why Register Your Business Name? This is a question that regularly causes confusion so I will try and simplify the answer below. The Purpose of a Registered Business Name "Registering your business name simply means nobody else can trade with that business name – It does not give you any...

I love, love, love technology! Deep down I am a real nerd. Be it a new Gadget or app I am there at the front of the line. In fact the one thing I love more than buying shoes is making a purchase from the apple...