Business Owners

We work with our clients to understand their vision for their business and provide advice and services to help them achieve their goals. We provide fixed up-front pricing for ease of cashflow and to ensure all requirements are covered throughout the year. We understand that choosing an accountant can be a big step and so we offer a free initial meeting so you can get to meet us and understand how we will work together.

Tax Planning

We recommend that our clients each undergo an annual tax review in April/May each year. We look at the financial information to date & calculate the tax payable for that year, we then look at different strategies to minimise this. Please note we do not suggest or endorse any schemes that are outside our scope of practice.

Tax Returns & Financials

We understand that no one likes doing their annual tax return! However we work with you to make the process as painless as possible and in doing so ensure we use any legal opportunities to reduce your tax. We discuss the annual results of your business and or investments and advise of any issues/opportunities we have identified in the preparation of your financials.


We have in-house bookkeepers that can help with the ongoing preparation of information to complete your BAS or financials. The benefit of an in-house bookkeeper is that they can be guided and discuss ideas with your accountant as they arise instead of being adjusted by the accountant at year end (at an accountants rate!) as usually happens with outside bookkeepers.

Accounting Software

We can discuss with you the best accounting software for your business. We make consideration for aspects like; access to the cloud, stock reporting, ease of use and most importantly your capabilities and feelings towards these programs! Whilst we are certified Xero specialists we also help setup and maintain other accounting software such as MYOB, Quickbooks, Cashflow Manager and also the good old excel spreadsheet.

Regular meetings

We like to see our business & investment clients at least twice a year. Once for tax planning and once more to sit down and review your year end financials and tax. These are the essential two meetings but we also believe in regular catch-ups to find out how your business is going. We are more than happy to schedule meetings outside of core business hours and particularly like the opportunity to visit our clients’ business premises.

Business Purchase/Startup

Whether you are thinking of starting a business or purchasing an existing business we can help with your journey. We work through the process and discuss purchase price, accounting software, ATO & Government registrations, structure for the business, business plans, budgeting and many many other considerations.

Quality assurance

All work prepared by our accountants has a review by a senior accountant – this ensures not only the complete accuracy of information submitted to the ATO (thus reducing the risk of audit) but also means that any strategies to reduce your tax or opportunities for your ongoing business success are always identified.

Business Structures

Are your current business structures working for you and providing the best taxation vehicle and asset protection for you and your family? We can discuss the pros and cons of structures such as sole traders, partnerships, trusts and companies and can also help set these up correctly for you. We can also setup self managed super funds (SMSF)

Business Development and Maintenance

Once we have looked after your basic business accounting needs we can also help you answer many frequently asked questions such as:

  • Where has all my money gone?
  • The profit & loss says I have made a profit but there is no money in the bank.
  • Why am I constantly struggling to pay the bills?
  • My business seems to be successful but I keep having unexpected bills come up.
  • Why am I having to pay more money to the ATO?
  • Why won’t they stop sending me letters?!
  • How do I take my business to the next level?
  • I would really like to escalate my business but don’t know how.


Have you thought about setting up a SMSF to purchase your business premises? Maybe you just want to have a chat to understand how these work and whether it is appropriate for your situation. We can help setup and manage a SMSF if it’s suitable for your situation.

From 1/1/19 the government has implemented new restrictions on Accountants which severely the limit the advice they can give regarding superannuation and SMSFs. Due to these changes Tasha has completed the required accreditation and is now our authorised representative (No. 001273292) of SMSF Advisors Network Pty Ltd ( which enables her to give advice on Superannuation including the setup and running of SMSFs’

Tradies & the construction industry

We can provide advice on any tax or accounting issues to assess if or how they apply to your business. This can be around issues such as personal services income, whether you are/or have contractors and whether you need to complete a Taxable Payments Annual Report.