How hard is it to change accountants?

One of the most common statements we hear is how hard it is to change accountants. However, when we, as accountants challenge that statement we find it provokes thought, conversation and ultimately a change in accountants!

Clients feel loyal & committed to their accountant. They believe their accountant has all their information and the thought of recreating all that information with a new accountant sounds costly and difficult. Furthermore, we understand clients tell their accountants their most trusted and personal information. Their accountant knows their financial situation and this must mean they are an important counterpart to have and keep for that annual tax return visit and preparation.

I don't live near your office so will it work with you being my accountant?

Over half of our clients do not live on the Sunshine Coast and do not find this to be a disadvantage. We can arrange skype appointment for those clients who like to see the person they are speaking to!

We understand that the different states have different time zones and we can arrange appointments at a time to suit you.

We also use technology like cloud accounting, electronic signing and document storage to make the transition of information as seamless as possible.

Why do I have to sign an engagement letter before you will give me any advice?

The very short answer is – Its the law!

We abide by all Professional & Ethical standards & cannot give personal advice until you have reviewed & accepted our terms & conditions.

Will changing over to you save me tax?

We would certainly love to say yes but this would just be misleading! We will do everything we can to minimise tax legally but really we are about looking after your holistic needs and making sure you feel supported on your business and/or property journey.

We encourage you to get in touch and set up an obligation free meeting where you can meet one of our accountants and discuss what your needs are

How much are your accounting fees?

Good Question! We would love to have a one size fits all approach to fee’s but this just isn’t realistic so unfortunately the answer is, it depends. We have clients who are different ages, come from different walks of life, have different technological skills and who also want different services from us which makes an easy answer out of our reach.

However we do firmly believe that you should always know upfront how much our services cost and as such if you are a new client when we have an obligation free meeting with you, we will let you know if there is any further information we need to be able to give you a firm quote for the services you require.

Of course some of our services are fixed prices like structures, setting up Xero, basic tax returns etc and we do have a Menu of Services that sets these prices out. Again please contact our office and we will be happy to provide this.

Do you understand the structures & methodology that Dymphna Boholt teaches?

Absolutely! Tasha spoke on stage with Dymphna Boholt and other I love real estate conferences for a number of years and so is uniquely qualified to help setup any structures and understand what your requirements are.

Further to this all the staff have either attended or watched a bootcamp and have been taught by Tasha so the whole office can help you.

Many of our clients are current or past Dymphna students and like to use an accounting firm that understands their requirements but is still at arms length.