Property Investors and Developers

The world of Property Developing or Investment can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are just starting your property portfolio, managing a growing one, conducting your first small scale development or are a seasoned developer of multiple projects we have the depth of specialised knowledge and experience you need to stay informed.

At Grow we become a truly supportive partner and guide you through the accounting & taxation aspects of buying, selling, subdividing, developing and renovating properties.

We help you understand and implement things like the Margin Scheme, BAS returns, Trust and/or Company structures, SMSF Capital Gains Tax, PAYG Income Tax Withholding Variations, Depreciation, Repairs or improvements and manage it all for you. We thrive in supporting and helping you to either build your property portfolio or move onto your next development project, either way, we believe your accountant should be a very important member of your property team.

We have established a network of trusted professionals including financial planners, lawyers, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers and buyers agents which means we can help you establish relationships with other suitable professionals when you need them.

We have clients all over Australia (and abroad) and with today’s technology, geographical location is not a constraint anymore.

We can conduct meetings via Skype or Facetime & use Dropbox to share documents. We also regularly visit other cities in Australia & will let you know well in advance so you can come & say “Hi”.

We regularly attend property seminars ourselves and understand different strategies proposed by various property educators. You never have to feel that you are trying to educate us so that we can understand your needs.

Purchase of new property

When you are looking to purchase a property, we can help advise on matters such as what name/structure to purchase the property under and we consider factors such as tax issues, land tax and future gains and capital gains tax.

We are up to date with the changes relating to foreign investors and how this affects stamp duty, land tax and the reporting obligations on property purchase/sales.

Who should own the property

We can advise who is the best person/structure to own your next property or development or even if you want your current property portfolio reviewed. We take into account various factors such as asset protection (firstly & foremost), future plans and taxation ramifications. Depending on your situation we may suggest to own in personal names, in a structure such as a particular type of trust or a company.

Sale of property

When you are considering the sale of a property we suggest you talk to us before you talk to your real estate! We can discuss any tax ramifications of the sale and identify any strategies that may be available to help lessen the tax obligation that will result.

Setup of Structures

We can help you set up your next trust (family/discretionary trust, unit trust, piggy bank trust), company (bucket company or trading company) or SMSF.

Negatively Geared Property

Do you have a negatively geared property & need some independent advice as to what this really means for your tax situation?

Do you receive a large tax refund at the end of the year but feel the pinch throughout the year & want advice on how to access the refund earlier via a PAYG withholding variation?

Please talk to us about our services in the above area.

Strategy Advice

Not sure if you should buy or sell a certain property & the implications? Let us help!We also can check feasibility calculations to ensure the project profit is correct.

This is a service not offered by many accountants. We believe it is key to get independent advice from a professional who can look at your circumstances and advise on whether you should transfer any of your existing properties, purchase a potential property or what your next step should be.

GST, Margin Scheme, BAS

Are you developing a property or selling a new house for the first time? We can help guide you through the process of whether you need to register for GST, how to complete your BAS, how or GST applies to the sale or purchase of a property and how the margin scheme applies to the sale of the property.

Rental Properties

If you own or are considering purchasing a rental property, let us help by guiding you through the tax consequences or that property. When preparing your tax return we ensure we get every single deduction and don’t miss the claims most other accountants forget like borrowing costs and depreciation.

Feasibility Calculations

We can check your feasibility calculations and advise on the taxable profit and hence GST and tax obligations that will result from the project.

Accounting Software & Bookkeeping

We can discuss with you the best accounting software for your property needs. Whilst we are certified Xero specialists we also help setup and maintain other accounting software such as MYOB, Quickbooks, Cashflow Manager and also the good old excel spreadsheet.

We can also offer an in-house bookkeeping solution if you rather not have to deal with the day to day record keeping & reporting.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

If you are considering purchasing a property within a SMSF we can help to see if this is a suitable strategy for you.

It is a very complex (and ever changing) area of taxation law and it is imperative to obtain advice from an accountant who understands the intricacies of which properties you can own in your SMSF and the long term consequences and benefits of these types of transactions.

From 1/1/19 the government has implemented new restrictions on Accountants which severely the limit the advice they can give regarding superannuation and SMSFs. Due to these changes Tasha has completed the required accreditation and is now our authorised representative (No. 001273292) of SMSF Advisors Network Pty Ltd ( which enables her to give advice on Superannuation including the setup and running of SMSFs’