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Tax planning not just making us money - Let me prove it. February is a good time to start thinking about how much tax you want to pay this year. With the right advice, you may be able to cut thousands of dollars off your tax...

How to avoid paying 49% in tax! Most discretionary trust deeds will contain a clause requiring the trustee to prepare an annual Trustee Resolution to distribute the income. That resolution is usually required before the end of the Tax Year, even though the trustee may not...

We Know You Don’t Really Need Our Advice – But…. This blog is summarised with this one simple request. Please call us as early as possible if you are considering buying a business. A quick no obligation chat might just end up saving you a lot of heartache...

Choosing the Right Structure for Your Business is Critical If you are starting out in business it is important to understand the difference between the structural options available to you. There are 4 common choices for your business but it’s rare I would ever recommend a...

There is an old saying, ‘the only ships guaranteed to sink are partnerships’. While I don’t prophesise the doom of every partnership in existence, I will say that generally there is a better way. There are two main disadvantages when you establish a partnership, firstly in...