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This often asked question is enough to make the most mild-mannered accountant throw their calculator to the ground in a hissy-fit. So let's see if I can't explain at least a little about how/why we charge what we do at Grow Accounting and maybe also help...

Update as at June 2019. The ATO has always seen contractor payments in the construction industry as a significant tax risk. From 1 July 2018  the contractor reporting regime has been expanded to cover the following industries: Cleaning Courier Road Freight Information Technology Security, and Mixed...

A trust exists where there are assets legally owned by “a person” (trustee) for the benefit of another “person or persons” (beneficiaries); note that the definition of “a person” can include a company. While this article will focus on discretionary trusts there are various forms of...

If the end of a financial year is fast approaching, now is the time to review your investment situation and take the opportunity to minimise you tax obligations and keep your funds in your pockets. Below is a number of tax planning hints, clues and instances that...

We get asked regularly how to calculate capital gains tax on the sale of a real estate property so we decided to give you an example so you can see how it works.Please note this calculation is applicable for individuals only (not a SMSF or company) Very simple...